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Nov 19 2020

Student Spotlight: Anitra

Student Spotlight


I started this journey back in 2006; my oldest was four at the time. I enrolled in classes and started going to the Fellowship Church. They offered daycare while I was in class, so I loved that. But over time, it became overwhelming because of the class size. It was just too many students with one teacher, so I just stopped going.

Fast forward… I started working third shift in 2017 and needed something to pass the time, so I started reading books to stay up at night. When I got another assignment due to my client passing away, I stayed on third shift and decided to enroll at The Literacy Alliance again. Let me tell you. The environment was totally different. My first day was a life-changing experience, and I knew that I could do this in my heart and mind.

Mrs. Amy is an excellent teacher. She had my attention every class; that’s how commendable she is. Mrs. Amy made the class fun and interesting, and I enjoyed the students. I’m still in contact with some of them. And having Mrs. Mel push you every step of the way is outstanding. All the tutors had your back. Mr. Charlee was a lifesaver; he has helped me a lot with math, and I appreciate him for that. Words can’t express my gratitude. I mean they really are there for you every step of the way.

My goal now is to start college in March of 2021 for CNA. I need to get experience in this field, and then LPN will be my go-to career.

While passing my high school equivalency test is the end of this chapter, it is the beginning of a new one, which will start soon. I would like to thank Mrs. Amy, Mrs. Mel, Mr. Charlee, and Mr. Brian for believing in me. Let me tell you, it’s hard, but if you put in the work, it will be worth it in the long run. Bless you, Literacy Alliance. Thank you for the gift of education and the amazing people that helped me along the way.

To close, being a 2020 graduate with my oldest son is the best feeling in the world!

“Thank you for the gift of education and the amazing people that helped me along the way.”

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