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Project Graduate is a free adult education program of The Literacy Alliance. Adult students in the Project Graduate program in Allen, Adams, and Wells Counties prepare to take the test to get their high school equivalency diploma.

To begin, at orientation, students take a skills assessment. The assessment results allow TLA teachers to create an individualized program of study for each student. In addition, TLA staff and tutors are there to help guide students’ progress.

Our volunteer tutors are a vital element of our programs. Once matched, students and tutors set learning objectives that help students achieve their educational goals.

Free transportation assistance is available at some locations.

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Student Spotlight: Nikki

Student Spotlight: Nikki 

May 26 2023

I ended up working dead-end and unfulfilled jobs to make ends meet. It was time to make a change for a better life for my son and I.


Student Spotlight: Arianna 

May 26 2023

My advice is never to say you can't or it's too late; never give up. There is no time limit on education, and it is up to you to get it done.

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