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Student Spotlight: Nicholas

Student Spotlight: Nicholas 

Mar 09 2023

I want to prove to my wife and daughter that their husband and dad can complete this without giving up. If I can do it years after leaving school, so could any of you.

Project Graduate Student Caleb

Student Spotlight: Caleb 

Jan 28 2023

Although it might seem impossible, you must keep pushing, or you’ll never really accomplish anything. I know many people hate high school...

Project Graduate student Htishee

Student Spotlight: Htishee 

Jan 21 2023

One day I woke up, and as I was getting ready to go to work, I realized I was so tired and weary. I told my husband I needed to quit my job.

Volunteer April Steury

Volunteer Spotlight: April 

Jan 20 2023

April feels it’s important to volunteer and get back to life after the isolation we have faced recently. “You always gain more...

Project Graduate Student SayKri

Student Spotlight: SayKri 

Jan 14 2023

I work 12-hour shifts and then come to class after work. If I can do this, all of you can do it too. Never give up on your dreams...

Project Graduate Student: Stephanie

Student Spotlight: Stephanie 

Jan 06 2023

I realized that I had three children on assistance, and I was financially struggling to make ends meet. Then it dawned on me...

Project Graduate Student: Alex

Student Spotlight: Alex 

Dec 17 2022

I can’t wait to wear my cap and gown and have my family attend when I graduate and obtain my diploma. I will be...

TLA Volunteer: Beth

Volunteer Spotlight: Beth 

Nov 22 2022

It’s a very small time commitment, and you get to build a relationship with a child and know that you’re doing something...