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Student Spotlight: Arianna 

May 26 2023

My advice is never to say you can't or it's too late; never give up. There is no time limit on education, and it is up to you to get it done.

Lance Shepherd

Student Spotlight: Lance 

May 02 2023

The years sneak up on you, and soon I found myself standing at my son’s high school graduation. Deep down, I’ve always regretted...

TLA Volunteer Joanne-P

Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne 

Apr 18 2023

“We can always find people who are in different situations. Helping someone else takes the focus off ourselves.” 

Student Spotlight: Nicholas

Student Spotlight: Nicholas 

Mar 09 2023

I want to prove to my wife and daughter that their husband and dad can complete this without giving up. If I can do it years after leaving school, so could any of you.

Project Graduate Student Caleb

Student Spotlight: Caleb 

Jan 28 2023

Although it might seem impossible, you must keep pushing, or you’ll never really accomplish anything. I know many people hate high school...

Project Graduate student Htishee

Student Spotlight: Htishee 

Jan 21 2023

One day I woke up, and as I was getting ready to go to work, I realized I was so tired and weary. I told my husband I needed to quit my job.

Volunteer April Steury

Volunteer Spotlight: April 

Jan 20 2023

April feels it’s important to volunteer and get back to life after the isolation we have faced recently. “You always gain more...