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Project Graduate Student: Shalee

Student Spotlight: Shalee 

Nov 17 2022

My advice to anyone considering enrolling at The Literacy Alliance to finish high school is simple: if you think you can’t do it, think ...

Project Graduate Student: Samuel

Student Spotlight: Samuel 

Nov 02 2022

My experience at the Literacy Alliance has been great. First, I was warmly welcomed; everybody was so nice. The class was...

Project Graduate Student: Jewel

Student Spotlight: Jewel 

Oct 17 2022

I came to The Literacy Alliance to get a start on my future. As a senior in high school, I got pregnant, which took a toll...


Volunteer Spotlight: Steve 

Sep 22 2022

A friend mentioned volunteering with Project Reads four years ago, and Steve jumped in. After retiring, he had time on his hands...


Student Spotlight: Habibah 

Sep 16 2022

I was born in Burma/Myanmar and went to school through grade 5. When I was 12, my family had to leave my home country because of persecution.


Volunteer Spotlight: Troy 

Aug 24 2022

In the process of heading back to school for a degree in education, Troy was looking for a place to participate with others in an...


Student Spotlight: Megan 

Aug 18 2022

Hello, my name is Megan, and I’m 31 years young. I’m from Fort Wayne. I have two children and work at a local restaurant.


Student Spotlight: Damion 

Jul 22 2022

My name is Damion. I am twenty-three years old, and I’m from Bryan, Ohio. I have two younger siblings, a brother, and a sister...