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Mar 06 2024

Student Spotlight: Jennifer

Student Spotlight

Jennifer H

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 18 years old and live with my parents and five pets. I was originally from Three Rivers, Michigan, but relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana, at the age of 8.

Throughout my school years, I faced numerous challenges, from struggling to grasp the material to coping with teasing from my peers. The advent of COVID-19 in 2020 significantly disrupted my life. Faced with the difficulties of online learning, I opted for in-person classes. Yet, as the COVID-19 cases surged in schools just two weeks before the reopening, and considering my mother’s high-risk status, I made the tough decision to leave school and pursue my High School Equivalency (HSE) certification. Through Big Brothers Big Sisters, I learned about The Literacy Alliance and their support in obtaining my HSE.

My experience at The Literacy Alliance has been incredibly positive. The teachers have been instrumental in helping me grasp the necessary knowledge to pass my HSE and have always been open to questions. My peers, too, have been exceptionally welcoming and kind. Regardless of your background, I assure you of a warm welcome here.

I aspire to become a hairdresser and help others achieve their ideal hairstyles. Earning my HSE is the first step towards attending cosmetology school and obtaining my license. Meanwhile, I aim to secure a part-time job to support myself during my studies and reduce my financial dependency on my parents.

Thanks to The Literacy Alliance, I am looking forward to my future with excitement and optimism. For anyone feeling uncertain about pursuing their HSE, I encourage you to take the step. There is a supportive community here ready to assist you patiently through the process.

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