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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Gennah 

May 09 2024

My advice for any future students (or anyone thinking of joining) is do it! The time and energy spent on furthering your education will be

Student Spotlight: Maung 

Apr 17 2024

I’ve been at TLA for about two months now, and the amount of stuff I remembered in that short time is mind-blowing.

Student Spotlight - Aaron

Student Spotlight: Aaron 

Mar 27 2024

I truly believe anyone who studies at The Literacy Alliance will achieve their goals and aspirations. I am thankful I did this, and I know...

Jennifer H

Student Spotlight: Jennifer 

Mar 06 2024

Thanks to The Literacy Alliance, I am looking forward to my future with excitement and optimism. #FinishHighSchool #LiterachChangesLives

Student Spotlight: Rian 

Feb 06 2024

...if you are considering going back to school or wanting to get your diploma, all I can say is just do it.

Student Spotlight: Javier 

Nov 14 2023

I learned about TLA through my current job. The factory I work for collaborates with TLA to offer on-the-job English classes.

Student Spotlight: Tyonna 

Oct 26 2023

I advise anyone reading this not to give up; it may not be easy, but it is worth it... If no one believes in you, believe in yourself.

Student Spotlight: Isaac 

Sep 29 2023

I didn’t attend high school, and later, I started online classes but fell behind. Attending The Literacy Alliance has given me the confidence...