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Nov 14 2023

Student Spotlight: Javier

Student Spotlight

My name is Javier; I am 48 years old and from Mexico. I have been living in the US since 1992. Before moving to Fort Wayne, I worked in vineyards in California for eight years. I then moved to Fort Wayne, looking for better opportunities, and I have lived here ever since. I like the city and believe it is a good place to live in.

When I first arrived in the US, I took some English classes, and that’s how I started learning the language. Years later, I enrolled at TLA and am taking more classes to improve my English.

I learned about The Literacy Alliance (TLA) through my current job. The factory I work for collaborates with TLA to offer on-the-job English classes. I started attending, and I enjoyed them. I had been thinking about going back to study for a while, and it was a sign for me to take the opportunity and go back to school. Once the classes at the factory ended, I signed up at TLA and have been enrolled in Project Connect since then. I enjoy my classes. They are interesting, and I like the community at TLA.

My goal is to keep improving my English skills, attend more classes, and eventually enroll in the high school equivalency program to obtain my GED. I want to learn as much as possible and am excited to have more opportunities.

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