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Nov 10 2023

Donor Spotlight: Tim Van Houten

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Tim Van Houten

What is your name and line of work?
My name is Tim Van Houten. I am a Director of the Assembly Business Segment at Fort Wayne Metals. 

What is your affiliation with TLA, and for how long?
I have volunteered as a board member for The TLA over the past six years. Through that time, I have served on several committees, including the Marketing Committee and the Executive Committee. I currently serve on the Finance Committee and the Project Reads Committee. 

Why do you choose to support TLA financially and through board service?
I am honored to serve on the board and contribute financially to an organization that supports education for children and adults. I believe that promoting literacy is essential for the overall development and empowerment of individuals within our communities. Volunteering my time to support TLA has been very fulfilling for me personally. I have had a firsthand view of the TLA’s impact on this community. Throughout my time on the board, it has become clear that the need in our community for literacy support is much greater than the resources available. Please think about supporting the TLA financially or by volunteering your time. These resources will help the TLA fulfill its mission by reaching more students and further closing the educational gap present in our community.

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Nov 14 2023

I learned about TLA through my current job. The factory I work for collaborates with TLA to offer on-the-job English classes.

Volunteer Spotlight: Cindy 

Oct 26 2023

By far, the people I get to work with. The staff and students are AWESOME! The laughter and encouragement are the best!

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