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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Libby

Volunteer Spotlight: Libby 

Jun 25 2024

It feels wonderful when they come running up to me after we’ve been on a holiday break to give me one of their biggest...

Volunteer Jillian

Volunteer Spotlight: Jillian 

May 23 2024

Watching the process from the beginning to the end of the year and the difference it makes to the kids is worth all the hard work. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Linda

Volunteer Spotlight: Linda 

Apr 24 2024

It is exciting to watch students grow in confidence and graduate. I have a lot of respect for the students. It takes courage to join a...

Volunteer Cathy and Student Hazel

Volunteer Spotlight: Cathy 

Mar 26 2024

Literacy provides the foundation for full engagement in our society. I have witnessed the effect of illiteracy in our community and feel...

Volunteer Alexa

Volunteer Spotlight: Alexa 

Feb 21 2024

My favorite part is seeing students get genuinely excited when a new concept finally clicks. Seeing them light up with a smile when...

Volunteer: Katherine and Student: Evelyn

Volunteer Spotlight: Katherine 

Nov 27 2023

I have learned that spending just an hour a week working one-on-one with a child can make a big difference in their life and mine.

Tim Van Houten

Donor Spotlight: Tim Van Houten 

Nov 10 2023

I am honored to serve on the board and contribute financially to an organization that supports education for children and adults. I believe...