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Volunteer Spotlight


Volunteer Spotlight: Linda 

Mar 25 2022

Linda joined the Project READS team in 2017 after retiring from teaching but still wanting to work with children.


Volunteer Spotlight: Danielle 

Feb 25 2022

As a long-time peer tutor and a Project READS tutor in high school, Danielle Peterson had always wanted to volunteer with...


Volunteer Spotlight: Eva 

Jan 12 2022

Having an interest in teaching as a career, Eva joined TLA’s incredible team of volunteers. She has found it interesting to see how people...


Volunteer Spotlight: Luke 

Nov 29 2021

Luke has been volunteering with The Literacy Alliance as a tutor in the high school equivalency classroom for over two years.


Volunteer Spotlight: Evert 

Sep 27 2021

As a longtime advocate for youth education in the Fort Wayne area, Evert has been volunteering with The Literacy Alliance for two years.


Volunteer Spotlight: Brendan 

Jul 31 2021

“Sometimes by helping others you can end up helping yourself. ” I was interested in helping others. I was also interested in utilizing my...