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Apr 18 2023

Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne

Volunteer Spotlight

TLA Volunteer Joanne-P

Feeling welcomed from the start, Joanne has enjoyed her time subbing and volunteering with The Literacy Alliance. She is an employment specialist at Work One, where she has been employed for over 23 years. Her previous experience teaching adult classes made her a perfect fit for the TLA’s Project Graduate program. Joanne finds it fulfilling when someone earns their diploma after working hard, overcoming barriers, and sticking with it.

According to Joanne, “everything is done in a positive light” at The Literacy Alliance. The appreciation she has felt has been the best part of her experience. She suggests stepping outside of your comfort zone and asking, “What if that was me?” She says, “We can always find people who are in different situations. Helping someone else takes the focus off ourselves.”

Interested in volunteering in an organization where your efforts give back to the community? Find out more about joining team TLA by emailing Nikki or calling her at (260) 423-0008.


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