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Jul 28 2023

Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy H

Volunteer Spotlight

Nancy H

How long have you been volunteering?
I have been with The Literacy Alliance for two years. Before that, I volunteered with the SPCA and am still involved when possible. I enjoy it and plan to get back into it later. I was also involved in the PTO when my sons were in school.

Why did you decide to volunteer at The Literacy Alliance?
I saw an article in the paper and thought that it was something I could do. I also liked the idea of helping people achieve their goals.

What has been the best part of your experience so far?
Seeing people improve their skills and finding they can do it if they are determined. We, as tutors, can help, but ultimately, the student must have the drive. We are a great support to help them get there. I watch their confidence grow as they succeed. I want to see others succeed in their goals and overcome their obstacles. Not everyone has it so simple; many things can get in the way. It says a lot when someone can graduate despite hardships.

Why should others volunteer?
I can’t think of a better way to spend your time than helping someone along their journey. If you have a love for and are good at reading, writing, or math, sharing that for an hour or two a week is easy.  You are helping someone improve their life. And it is exciting to teach someone and see them grow due to what they learned.

I also really like it and enjoy my time with my students. Reading together and discussing it raises questions we then discuss to learn from each other together. I have learned that I am not always right, which shows we can always learn.

What would you tell others who are considering volunteering?
I recommend sitting in the classroom or watching other volunteers work with people. I love the one-on-one, but seeing how others approach volunteering increases your understanding.

You can do it in the evening, afternoons, and mornings. There is something for everyone to do. More than reading, there is something.

I enjoy going for a walk with my student, then we return and write about it. It is a different way for us to interact and learn. There are so many ways to incorporate learning with your student.

It has been a joy. I see my students as friends too.

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