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Mar 27 2024

Student Spotlight: Aaron

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight - Aaron

My name is Aaron. I am 20 years old, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and am an only child who came to The Literacy Alliance to achieve my high school equivalency diploma (HSE/GED). After I completed middle school, my family attempted home-schooling because the cost of where I would go was simply too much. Home school didn’t work out. To add to that, COVID happened. If I’m honest, I don’t regret my path, but I always knew that having my HSE/GED would help my future.

The Literacy Alliance is the perfect place to make that happen. The lessons are straightforward; they have a teacher and tutors who will genuinely help you, and you focus on and learn what you need to know. Without hyperbole, The Literacy Alliance was the best choice to obtain my HSE/GED. I’m forever grateful for my time here, the people I met, and the learning experiences I have received.

If my test scores taught me anything, it’s that I have a talent for writing. I always knew that, but my time being here reinforced it. My plans and goals for the future revolve around that field. I hope to become a writer.

I truly believe anyone who studies at The Literacy Alliance will achieve their goals and aspirations. I am thankful I did this, and I know you will be, too.

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