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Nov 29 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Luke

Volunteer Spotlight


Luke has been volunteering with The Literacy Alliance as a tutor in the high school equivalency classroom for over two years. After finding out there was a need for math tutors and feeling like he had time to give back to the community, he joined the team. Seeing others find success and graduate, especially when they began classes feeling like it was impossible, has been the most satisfying part for Luke. Developing relationships with students even just a few hours a week has been inspiring, and he says it “makes you want to be better.” Luke would advise new volunteers to let their guard down and allow students to feel comfortable enough to ask for help. As one of the best experiences he’s had in the last several years, he says, “The Literacy Alliance is making a difference in people’s lives.”

Do you have time to invest in your community? The Literacy Alliance has volunteer opportunities in Allen, Adams, and Wells counties. Give us a call at (260) 426-7323 or visit

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