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Dec 09 2021

Student Spotlight: Molly

Student Spotlight


My name is Molly. I am a woman who will strive and work hard to achieve my goals. I have failed plenty of times, but I always pick myself back up. This is just a summary of my life story.

Looking back at my life has led me here to The Literacy Alliance. To move forward, I must take baby steps. Getting an education, such as a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, is what I need to survive in this world. I have been trying to get my HSE for many years, but there was always something that came up, such as not having a babysitter, my work schedule, or moving away, and I got caught up in street life. I know this is an opportunity and that God has opened a door for me.

“Thanks to the program, I know that my life will change for the better, and I know I will achieve a lot in the future.”

In this program, I hope to gain a lot of knowledge and better understand English literature. I want to learn all the things that I didn’t get to know when I was in high school. When I came to The Literacy Alliance, I was hungry to learn and couldn’t wait for the teachers to teach. It felt so good to learn! To provide for my family and work at a job that I love (which is helping special education children), I must focus and work hard to get my HSE diploma.

After finishing up The Literacy Alliance program and receiving my HSE, I feel that I have accomplished one of my life goals. I plan to go to college and do some research about helping special education children. I plan to start as a volunteer to get some experience, which will also look good on my resume.

I am very grateful that I know people who guided me and led me to this program. The Literacy Alliance is very helpful and such a blessing to me. They have the best teacher and tutors ever. Thanks to the program, I know that my life will change for the better, and I know I will achieve a lot in the future.

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