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Jun 22 2022

Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Jane

Volunteer Spotlight

Mary Jane

Have you considered volunteering? As a volunteer for five years, Mary Jane says, “Don’t be afraid and just try it.” The reward, in the end, is worth the shot. She believes others should go for it, and it’s ok if it doesn’t happen to work out. For Mary Jane, it’s been a good fit.

Being a retired teacher, she had time and wanted to help students needing extra help. She also liked the aspect of working with a student one-to-one. Watching children improve their reading skills and begin to enjoy books has brought Mary Jane joy over the years, benefiting her as much as her students. She finds it fun to listen to children tell their stories as they relate to what’s being read.

“Don’t be afraid and just try it.”

Project READS is “a chance to do something that helps younger people and gives back to the community,” and that’s precisely what she has done.

Do you have time to volunteer? Please email us, or visit our volunteer site for more information. We need over 150 volunteers to help with the Project Reads program in the coming school year!

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