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Sep 27 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Evert

Volunteer Spotlight


As a longtime advocate for youth education in the Fort Wayne area, Evert has been volunteering with The Literacy Alliance for two years. Previously, his passion for student success led him to considering a teaching license and volunteering as a math tutor in local high schools. Prior to his current volunteer position, he volunteered with Project READS along with his wife and feels that it’s “really important to get third graders to grade level before they go on”.

“The most rewarding element of volunteering with TLA has been seeing someone get their diploma.”

A retired engineer, Evert understands the need to help others that sometimes find math difficult. Working with motivated adults in a location convenient to his home, he has continued to make an impact. The most rewarding element of volunteering with TLA has been “seeing someone get their diploma”. Evert recognizes the significant impact this has on our student’s lives as well as the community. He is often amazed by the accomplishments of our students as they push themselves toward victory.

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