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Sep 10 2021

Donor Spotlight: Mary McDonald

Donor Spotlight

Mary McDonald

What is your name and line of work?

My name is Mary McDonald. I am a retired corporate planner and market researcher for Lincoln Financial Group.

What is your affiliation with The Literacy Alliance, and how long?

Soon after our retirements, my husband and I volunteered for a former TLC program in which books were read to small groups of preschoolers at several central city day care centers. We loved sharing beautiful books with these curious and enthusiastic children.

During this time, I was invited to join the TLA board, serving for six years (including two as board President) during the tenure of executive director Judy Stabelli whose steady, guiding hand for more than 20 years built a solid foundation for The Literacy Alliance.

Why do you choose to support TLA financially?

Supporting TLA financially over the past sixteen years is the best way I know to contribute to improved life paths and opportunities for these motivated students, many of whom are struggling in difficult life circumstances.

First, for those seeking to gain or improve basic literacy skills, including English language skills for non-English speakers, TLA enables strengthened self-confidence and increased family and community engagement.

“Supporting TLA financially over the past sixteen years is the best way I know to contribute to improved life paths and opportunities for these motivated students…”

Second, for those seeking high school equivalency diplomas, one is deeply touched by attending their graduation and the meaning this success has to the graduates as well their families. This achievement can be a ticket out of poverty, providing new job opportunities, and often inspiring others in these students’ worlds to value education.

Third, TLA has ventured back into services for children with its recent acquisition of Projects READS by which it will enhance reading skills in first through third graders, the most critical ages for building reading fundamentals.

Finally, new CEO Melinda Haines brings creative and focused leadership, growing the agency’s programs and financial support over the past sixteen months of her tenure. Her impact in these difficult times has been impressive.

This all inspires me to financially support the Literacy Alliance by annual giving and to their endowment via the Community Foundation.

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