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Jul 17 2020

Student Spotlight: Joseph

Student Spotlight


HSE Graduate Joseph

Student Spotlight – Joseph realized he did not have the necessary skills to get the kind of job he wanted; he needed training. Expelled from high school before completing the 12th grade, he knew that preparing for the High School Equivalency test would be a start. In addition to HSE preparation, Joseph wanted post-secondary training. “I want a career dealing with mechanical things like auto mechanics or manufacturing,” he said. While at The Literacy Alliance, he was able to do some career training and prepare for the HSE test. “I signed up for the Advanced Manufacturing in 180 Skills,” an online program that progressed adult learners for professional certifications. “Since coming to The Literacy Alliance,” Joseph said, “I can now tell employers I’m working on the HSE and believe I’d have a shot at getting a better job.” With the HSE Diploma and additional training, Joseph believes he will have the skills to get a better job. In August of 2019, Joseph met his goal and attained his HSE diploma!

“I’m working on the HSE and believe I’d have a shot at getting a better job.”

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