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Feb 27 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Amanda

Amanda learned about the volunteer opportunity through her workplace. She loves getting to know the students in the pre-HSE course and is passionate about helping and educating others. She’s always looking for a new challenge. Having previous experience as a Junior Achievement instructor has helped her calm students’ anxiety when they have trouble with a concept.

“One of the big benefits of tutoring is feeling like you are making a difference for a student and helping them to achieve their goals. It feels great when a student you’re helping starts to understand what they are learning and has that “lightbulb moment.”

Amanda has one piece of advice for current and future tutors, “Be patient. It pays off for both the tutor and the student.”

With the help of volunteers like Amanda, students at The Literacy Alliance receive a personalized learning plan with tutors when needed. They often leave the program with a greater sense of confidence. Do you have time to make a difference in the life of an adult learner? Sign up to volunteer or call with any questions, (260) 426-7323.

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