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Jan 28 2022

Student Spotlight: Thomas

Student Spotlight


My name is Thomas, and I’m 18 years old. I went to an all-boys school in downtown Fort Wayne called Smith Academy for Excellence. I dropped out in March 2021 because of stress with family issues, and of course, COVID. I like going on walks on the trails in Fort Wayne.

I came to The Literacy Alliance to get my high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, hoping it would open doors to more jobs, and if I’m lucky, further education in nursing or veterinarian school. I heard about The Literacy Alliance from my sister, who went through the program a couple of years ago. It feels different but familiar.

Math has always been my weakest subject, so I’m hoping to get some help with that and do the best I can. I struggle with communication; I wouldn’t say I like talking to people if I don’t have to, so I hope to branch out of my comfort zone and learn communication skills. I’ve heard from my sister that the program helps with each person’s weak spots.

“My dream is either to be a vet or a nurse to help people…”

My personal goals are to get my HSE diploma which will open doors to expanded opportunities, to further my education, and possibly enroll in either trade school, veterinarian school, or nursing school. My dream is either to be a vet or a nurse to help people, and I’ve always loved animals, so I think it would be nice to help people and their animals get better.

Before I dropped out, I was doing well, and I regret dropping out, but now I’m determined to get my HSE diploma and get into a school that will allow me to learn how to help people. I’ve always admired the people that work as nurses, or anyone in the health and medicine field, for both people and animals.

UPDATE: Thomas passed the HiSET exam in mid-December 2021 and received his HSE diploma. We’re excited to see where the future takes him but know he has a bright future ahead. Way to go, Thomas!

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