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Aug 07 2020

Student Spotlight: Christal

Student Spotlight

Christal being presented her HSE diploma by The Literacy Alliance’s Brian Schlichtenmyer

Christal left school her 8th-grade year due to personal reasons and never went back. She found herself stuck in low-paying jobs, getting nowhere. She felt like a failure.

“I wanted to get my HSE for a long time,” she said, “but put it off due to home situations.”

A coworker informed Christal about The Literacy Alliance and encouraged her to call. Returning to school was far from easy. Going to classes meant time away from her children. From the locations available, she was able to choose the New Haven class, closest to her home, which helped her deal with being away from her children in the evening.

Christal saw her language and math skills improve. She gained confidence. Feedback and encouragement from her teacher, Francine, and site coordinator, Mike, reinforced Christal’s growing belief that she can accomplish what she started.

Early in 2020, Christal achieved her goal and received her high school equivalency diploma. Way to go, Christal!

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“I wanted to get my HSE for a long time,” she said, “but put it off due to home situations.”

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